This is a course about building basic Android apps. This course is for people with no prior programming experience.

You'll be learning Kotlin, the recommended programming language for developing Android apps. You will be using the Android Studio tool to build these apps, and you will learn the fundamental concepts of Android development along the way.

By the end of this course, you will have created a collection of well-designed, interesting, and fun Android apps. We hope that this will spark your imagination to continue learning Android and building cool apps on your own!


If you meet the following prerequisites, then this course is a good place for you to start to learn Android app development.

What You'll Need

Unit 1: Build your first Android app in Kotlin

In this first Unit, you will learn the fundamentals of Kotlin programming and creating simple apps with Android Studio. You will build a birthday message program and app, and a program and app to roll dice for you.

List of codelabs

Unit 1: Build your first Android app in Kotlin

Introduction to Kotlin

Write your first Kotlin program

Create a birthday message in Kotlin

Introduction to Android Studio

Download and Install Android Studio

Create and run your first Android app

[OPTIONAL] Run your app on a mobile device

Build a basic layout with a Birthday Card app

Create a Birthday Card

Add images to your Android app

Create an interactive Dice Roller app

Classes and object instances in Kotlin

Create an interactive Dice Roller app

Add conditional behavior in Kotlin

Add more conditional behavior in Kotlin

If you get stuck, there is help available!

For Android Developers, there is extensive and searchable documentation of everything Android.