In this codelab, you'll fork a template GitHub repository and clone it into SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA. You will also configure your project and run integration tests.

What you'll learn

For this CodeJam, we have prepared a template application that you will extend with the SAP Cloud SDK and an integration with SAP Leonardo Machine Learning.

You will do all the adaptation of its source code in your own forked version of this repository to avoid conflicts with other participants.

Create your own copy of the repository by forking it.

Log in to GitHub.

Go to the repository URL:

Fork this template repository.

Choose your own GitHub user.

Now you can go to your GitHub page and you will see the forked repository cloud-s4-sdk-codejam in the list of your repositories.

From SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA, right-click on the workspace and choose Git -> Clone Repository.

Make sure to paste the URL of your forked project. You can copy the required URL in GitHub, as shown on the screenshot:

Paste the address to your fork and press Clone

After a couple of seconds, you will see your fork of the repository has been cloned.

Assign a space to the project

Right-click on the project and choose Project -> Project settings

Enter Space and choose the available space (development)

Save the configuration for the space and close it.

Open the file systems.yml in srv/integration-tests/src/test/resources/

This file already contains the URL of the SAP S/4HANA mock server, which you can use for testing and initial evaluation.

Save the file.

Right-click on the same folder and create a new file

Call it credentials.yml

Paste the following content into the file:


- alias: "S4HANA"
  username: "(username)"
  password: "(password)"

Save the file.

Right-click on the srv folder and choose Build and Run Tests

You will see the log of the build in the console. Make sure you get a SUCCESS message for all tasks.

Congratulations! Your environment is now configured and ready for some coding.