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To interact with GCP, we will use both the Google Cloud Console and Cloud Shell throughout this lab.

Google Cloud Console

The Cloud Console can be reached at https://console.cloud.google.com.

Cloudnet19 Training environment setup

In this lab, use your @google.com identity to interact with a pre-determined project in the gcpnetworking.training Organization. IAM and billing have already been configured for you.

Click on the project selector dropdown at the top of the page:

Select the gcpnetworking.training Org in the project selector drop down.

You should see a project available to you in the format vpcuser##project. (If you do not see a project, please let a trainer know).

Click ‘OPEN' to navigate to your reserved project.

Google Cloud Shell

Google Cloud Shell is a Debian-based virtual machine pre-loaded with all the development tools you'll need that can be automatically provisioned from the Cloud Console. This means that all you will need for this lab is a browser. Yes, it works on a Chromebook!

Activate Google Cloud Shell

From the GCP Console click the Cloud Shell icon on the top right toolbar:

Then click "Start Cloud Shell":

It should only take a few moments to provision and connect to the environment:

This virtual machine is loaded with all the development tools you'll need. It offers a persistent 5GB home directory, and runs on the Google Cloud, greatly enhancing network performance and authentication. Much, if not all, of your work in this lab can be done with simply a browser or your Google Chromebook.

Once connected to the cloud shell, you should see that you are already authenticated and that the project is already set to your PROJECT_ID.

Run the following command in the cloud shell to confirm that you are authenticated:

gcloud auth list

Command output

Credentialed accounts:
 - <myaccount>@<mydomain>.com (active)
gcloud config list project

Command output

project = <PROJECT_ID>

If it is not, you can set it with this command:

gcloud config set project <PROJECT_ID>

Command output

Updated property [core/project].

Looking for your PROJECT_ID? It's the ID you used in the setup steps. You can find it in the console dashboard, Home, any time.



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