In this lab you launch Cloud Datalab on a Google Compute Engine VM.

What you need

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What you learn

In this lab, you:

In this lab, you will launch Cloud Datalab by running the Docker container in a Compute Engine VM and connect to it through Cloud Shell.

Step 1

Open up CloudShell.The cloud shell icon is at the top right of the Google Cloud Platform web console.

Step 2

In Cloud Shell, type:

gcloud compute zones list

Pick a zone in a geographically closeby region.

Step 3

In Cloud Shell, type:

datalab create mydatalabvm --zone <ZONE>

Datalab will take about 5 minutes to start.

Datalab is ready when you see a message prompting you to do a "Web Preview".

Step 4

Click on the Web Preview icon on the top-right corner of the Cloud Shell ribbon. Switch to port 8081.

Step 1

You could leave Datalab instance running until your class ends. The default machine type is relatively inexpensive. However, if you want to be frugal, you can stop and restart the instance between labs or when you go home for the day. To do so, follow the next two steps.

Step 2

Click on the person icon in the top-right corner of your Datalab window and click on the button to STOP the VM.

Step 3

You are not billed for stopped VMs. Whenever you want to restart Datalab, open Cloud Shell and type in:

datalab connect mydatalabvm

This will restart the virtual machine and launch the Docker image that runs Datalab.

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