What you need

You must have completed Lab 0 and have the following:

What you learn

In this lab, you will define a dnn model to find next value of a time series

Step 1

In Cloud Datalab, click on the Home icon, and then navigate to notebooks/training-data-analyst/courses/machine_learning/deepdive/09_sequence/labs and open sinewaves.ipynb.

Step 2

In Datalab, click on Clear | All Cells. Now read the narrative and execute each cell in turn until the section "Train model locally"

Step 3

Open the model file model.py located in notebooks/training-data-analyst/courses/machine_learning/deepdive/09_sequence/labs/sinemodel and complete the code for the dnn model

Step 4

Back in the sinewaves.ipynb notebook, run the remaining cells. Be sure to specify --model correctly as dnn

Step 5

Record your observation in the result table

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