An import job copies usage data from cloud accounts into Orbitera's billing system.

Orbitera uses identity and access management (IAM), where you grant Orbitera a role to access the account as a third party. You can revoke Orbitera access at any time. You control access to your data.

What you'll learn

To set up importing of your GCP billing data into the Orbitera platform you will need to access both the GCP console and the Orbitera portal.

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You must have a dataset configured. See the quickstart.


  1. In the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) console, navigate to Billing.

  1. Click Billing export, select BigQuery Export, and select the project and dataset.

GCP begins publishing detailed usage and billing data to BigQuery. Orbitera can now import this usage data to compute your billing.

  1. In the GCP Console, navigate to IAM & Admin and select IAM.

  1. Click "+👤 ADD"

  1. For the Member, enter
  1. Assign member roles:

  1. In the Orbitera administration console, navigate to the Billing module and click Imports.
  2. Click New Job.
  3. For the Data Source, select GCP Billing.
  4. Enter your GCP project ID.
    You can be find your project ID on the GCP Console's Billing Overview page.

  1. Enter the recurrence, import month, and next run information.
    The import month is the billing period to be imported.

  1. Click Save.

You've successfully configured your AWS Billing import.

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