This course shows you how to convert web pages to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). PWA use a web-development approach that combines tools and technologies to create targeted, ideal user experiences on mobile devices. PWAs use service workers, modern browser APIs, and an application shell architecture to give users meaningful offline experiences, fast first load, and easy reengagement on repeat visits to the app.

The Developing Progressive Web Apps codelabs provide a guided, hands-on coding experience. Most of the codelabs in the course step you through the process of adding a new feature to an existing app.

To learn more about PWAs, see Progressive Web Apps on the Google Developers website.

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The Developing Progressive Web Apps course is aimed at beginning-to-intermediate web developers who want to build web experiences that work for everyone. You should have the following skills:

Each codelab lists specific recommended prerequisites.

Starter and solution code

As you work through the codelabs in the course, you use starter and solution code that's provided in the pwa-training-labs repository in GitHub.

Developing Progressive Web Apps includes the following codelabs:

You can complete the codelabs in any order. However, the more advanced codelabs build on the fundamentals covered in the earlier codelabs.

Start the Developing Progressive Web Apps course by taking the first codelab, Offline quickstart.